Children’s Books

Connors, L. & Gatewood, B. 2018. Salmon Matters: How a Fish Feeds a Forest. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. First place in the 2019 Virginia Outdoor Writers Association Excellence in Craft Award. Buy from Amazon.

Connors, Lisa and illustrated by Karen Jones.  Oliver’s Otter Phase.  Arbordale Publishing, 2018. Finalist in the 31st IBPA-Ben Franklin Awards in New Voices Category.

Connors, L. & Gatewood, B. 2016. Milkweed Matters: A Close Look at the Life Cycles within a Food Chain. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. Second place in the 2017 Virginia Outdoor Writers Association Excellence in Craft Award. Buy from Amazon.


Peer-reviewed Science Journals

Connors, L. 2011. Trail Blazers: Fourth-grade students create digital field guides for visitors to the school’s nature trail.  Science and Children 49 (4): 46-50.

Connors, L. M. & Cabe, P. 2003.  Isolation of dinucleotide microsatellite loci from red-backed salamander (Plethodon cinereus).  Molecular Ecology Notes 3 (1), p. 131-133.

Connors, L. M., Kiviat, E., Groffman, P. M., & Ostfeld, R. S. 2000.  Muskrat (Ondatra zibethicus) disturbance to vegetation and potential net nitrogen mineralization and nitrification rates in a fresh-water tidal marsh.  American Midland Naturalist 143, p. 53-63.

AND . . . Please see my blog on children’s writing with links to lesson plans for sale on my Teachers Paying Teachers site and to see my published children’s books.





2 thoughts on “Publications”

  1. Hi Lisa! I was thinking of you early this morning as Emma and I were sitting outside, enjoying a Cape Cod morning. I read your blog post on the death of a friend and was really moved. I’ve also felt that love, respect, and sensation of being small and youthful next to beautiful old trees. I’m glad it looks like your maple is going to survive — she is lucky to have you! Also really enjoyed your post on raspberry diving! I hope you’re having a wonderful summer! Xo


    1. Thank you Katrina! I’m glad you can relate to some of my feelings. It was hard to put them out there. As for raspberry diving…well, I’ve spent the rest of the summer tomato diving because I let every thing grow crazily! I hope your summer and travels have been fun.


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